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2018-05-20 15:16:33,
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Pick a song

Tales of the Phantom Ship - Lennie Gallant

The Nellie J Banks - Lennie Gallant (Performed by Manchester Run)

(Note: The Cover I had for inspiration is by Jar O'Comfort, but I cannot find a link)

These two songs were from a CD brought back from Nova Scotia. They served as inspiration for Phinneus Cromwell.

In particular, Tales of the Phantom Ship was originally used to describe the Northstar, as it is a schooner that flies without the use of a balloon. The sails and rigging appear to be on fire as a result of the massive electric field created. The Nellie J Banks provided the inspiration of a water smuggling, often drunk, captain.

Honorable mention:

Modern Major General from The Pirates of Penzance also served as some inspiration as well.