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by Maia
2018-05-24 09:08:10
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    So I'm new, and my character is called Maia. I have ideas for my story, but I want other feedback too. So I'm going to list them, and I would like some feedback please.

    My first is about my character. I was thinking maybe she could be a traveler, or trader or something. She collects valuable things and trades them. She has wings -- look at my profile for that -- so she can get around and trade things. Sort of like a supplier, except not a big company.

    My second is about what happens to her. When her father was alive, he taught her all sorts of things about mechanics and stuff, so now she is really good at it. Plus, she has a natural talent for it, so she is valued across Antiford for her skills. Because of this, many people are trying to capture her and make her work for them. (Please tell me if this is too much. I don't want to be rude and make my character "overpowered," steampunk style)

    The last one is about her wings (profile. it gives all the history). They were a one-time thing, because her father never taught her how to make them or make them work, even though she could probably figure it out given several years, and he never told anyone else, so the "secret" died with him. I'm saying this because I saw the thing about how it's not really about the technology, it's about the technology in the world, and how if it's a one-time thing it's usually okay. I forget where, but I did. So I'm saying this is a one-time thing that can't be duplicated without other technological advancements. Sort of like Leonardo da Vinci, except her father figured out a way to carry out those ideas. And his plans were lost when their house burned down, so it's really a one-time thing.

    That's it. If you have any thoughts, please comment below. I really want to know whether I can do these ideas. Also, say something if you have a better idea. :)