Antifordian War Songs

2016-11-02 11:25:26,
2016-11-02 11:25:57
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In the Army

Wake up, boys

Get up, boys

The trumpet has sounded its tune

You don’t want to miss the battle, or lunch right before high noon!

Get up, boys

Spruce up, boys

The sergeant is coming ‘round

If he sees that you’re not ready, he’ll beat you into town!

      In the army. Across the sand.

      In the army. Turns a boy into man!

      We serve our king and coun-un-try

      For our borders and our sa-afe-ty!

Look up, boys

Look tough, boys

We’re marching past our beautiful gals!

You don’t want her to spot you, looking weaker then your pals!

Straight up, boys

Straight up, boys

We’re marching right out to war.

Be glad you joined the army even if you end up sore!