Mad Macky

2014-05-25 09:26:22,
2015-02-16 13:32:41
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They were doomed! The end was nigh! 
Until the mad eye striker came to call 
The grinders star striker stood like stone 
His mad eye wandered and caused the sand worms to stall 

Off to the side a call rang out "pitcher come back" 
the crowd was aghast 
It hissed and sparked as it scrambled up to the mound 
An automaton stood in front of the masses 

mad macky just stood there with his wandering eye 
the 'bot began its terrible twist 
 it hissed and heaved, whizzed and whirred 
Unknown to the bot, he knew not of mad eye's wist! 

All that was heard was the crack of the bat 
The ball went straight on like a shot 
And stuck the poor robot fellow in the chest 
Sending metal and sparks around the spot 

All eyes now turned to mad macky but where was he? 
After the smoke, he was there, running the last base! 
 The crowd hooted and horrayed as Gearford won the prize! 
Mad Mackey only knows first place.