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One day Konnichiwa-chan decided to go to the Gearford market to buy some things. She didn't want to go alone, so she brought her trusty alpacas, Alpaca-chan, Ronald, and Tiffaney! :3  
"I will alpac-a-lunch for us all!" Konnichiwa-chan said happily!

They arrived in Gearford on a sunny and cloudy day. Koniichiwa-chan's first stop was to be the Black Leaf and Earl. It sold lots of teas, and Konnichiwa-chan loves to drink tea. She entered the shop with Alpaca-chan and left Ronald and Tiffaney outside (they were too big to all fit in the shop without making the owner really mad). She went up to the counter to select her teas when she heard a crash behind her the the owner yelled out loud. 
"My tea, my tea!" he shouted. Konnichiwa-chan turned around and say that Alpaca-chan had knocked half the containers off of a shelf and was stepping in all the leaves and eating them. The owner was trying to push him away but Alpaca-chan just spit in his face!
"No, bad Alpaca-chan, very bad! Don't ruin the poor man's shop!" She quickly paid for her teas and grabbed Alpaca-chan to run out. When they got out, she noticed that Ronald and Tiffaney were missing! Oh no! She looked everywhere she could, and finally found Tiffaney standing in front of Buford Automoton company. She was bleeting and and panicking profusely! 
"Where is Ronald, Tiffaney?" Konnichiwa-chan asked.
"Maaauuuuerrrgh" Tiffaney said. 
"Oh no, he got kidnapped by a machine person?! Let's save him!" They broke into Bufords place and searched high and low. They finally hear the souind of Ronald beating his little soft feet against metal. 
"Ronald, we'll get you out of there!" Ronald was trapped in a huge machine, which they didn't know what it did, but it would probably kill him! They punched and ripped at the machine, and suddenly heard Ronald shriek in pain and agony. The sounds of flesh being torn from bone was going to give them nightmares for weeks to come. They finally broke the machine open and pulled Ronald out. He was missing part of his tail and most of one of his back feet. 
"What are you doing in my company place!!" shouted Buford as he ran toward them.
"My alpaca was kidnapped by your robot and just lost his leg, we have to fix him!" cried Konnichiwa-chan. 
"Ok, I'm on it!" shouted Buford!

One hour later, Ronald and Buford walked out of a door. Ronald had a new prosthetic leg where he had lost it in the machine. 
"Thank you Mr. Burofrd, we won't bother you again!" Konnichiwa-chan said with a bow. 
"Don't worry my dear, strange things happen all the time. Keep an eye on your alpacas next time though!"  He waved them out. Next stop for them was the water marketplace. They walked around and bought some water and talked with the merchants. She saw two captains argueing, one with a beard and one with golden hair and a funny outfit. The bearded one looked like he was scolding the other one, and the golden haired captain had a look of defiance and bravery.
"I told you to be more careful! After the fuss you caused-" the bearded man looked around worried. He noticed Konnichiwa-chan staring and walked up to her hurriedly in a panic. 
"I don't know what you may have heard, but don't breathe a word to anyone, ok? You can't! What did you hear?" he said nervously. The golden haired captain walked up with a swagger. 
"I think I know how to keep her quiet" the golden haired captain said, and put his hand on his gun. 
"No, I won't tell anyone, please don't shoot us!" Konnichiwa-chan cried out!
"No, no, I don't like killing people, I never hurt people if I can help it!" he said with a laugh. "I just wanted to make sure you got the message! Please don't tell anyone ok? My name is Leo, and this is Phinneus."
"Nice to meet you!" Konnichiwa-chan said. Suddenly Alpaca-chan chomped on to Leo's hair and started chewing.
"AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEE, GET THIS DIRTY ANIMAL OFF ME OR I SWEAR I WILL STOMP ON IT'S NECK!!" Leo shouted. Konnichiwa-chan pulled Alpaca-chan off of Leo and went to run but was blocked off by Phinneus. 
"You aren't going anywhere!" he said raising his fists.
"Oh yeah? Well watch out, cause we're gonna alpac-a-punch!" she yelled and they all punched him in the gut. They ran away while he was on the ground. 
"Damnitt!" Leo said, stomping. He had stomped in a pile of alpaca poop though, and he looked at them running frustratedly. 

The next errand on their list was to buy some food! She walked around when she heard shouting and a man in a brown coat and hat was chasing another man who looked dirty and mean. 
"Oh no, that poor man! Quick, Alpaca-chan, stop him! Stop the bad man!"  Konnichiwa-chan shouted! Alpaca-chan messed up and attacked the man in the brown coat instead, knocking him to the ground and standing on him while he struggled. 
"Get his dirty animal off me, argh, it's spitting on me! I swear if it poops on me I'll kill it" the brown coated man shouted and squirmed. 
"It's not like it would stain, your coat is already poo brown." Konnichiwa-chan laughed and helped him up. He looked really angry. "I'm sorru my alpaca knocked the wrong person down, I was trying to help!"
"Well, I am a smuggler and that man stole some of my cargo!" he said, waving his hat on his face as he sweated. "My name is lieutenant Joel Arnett. That cargo is very important and I really need it back!" 
"We can help, we knocked you down after all!" Konnichiwa-chan said happily. 
"Well ok then!"

They searched far and wide, high and low, and couldn't find the mysterious dirty man anywhere. Finally they found an underground den that looked like the perfect hideout for a dirty thief man! The went down and found lots of other dirty people. Some looked mean, others looked nice but poor. She gave a little of her candy to the nice poor people, who thanked her nicely. They traveled in deeper until they turned a corner and there was the thief! 
"Stop, in the name of the law!" Arnett shouted, raising a hand to point. Then man had no escape, and dropped the packaged cargo and begged to not be hurt. Unfortunetly, Ronald ran up and kicked him with his robot leg, probably killing him, but maybe not. 
"I'm not actually the law, so pretend you never heard that." Arnett said, shaking Konnichiwa-chans hand. "I can't thank you enough for helping me retrieve this. If you ever need a ride, I can take you in my landship anytime!" 
"No problem!" Konnichiwa-chan said, and they departed. 

"Wow, what a busy day. I think now would be a good time to make some tea and go to sleep" Konnichiwa-chan said later when they all got home. The alapcas snuggled up and went to sleep, and the lights went off. Konnichiwa-chan looked out at the desert stars and sighed happily. She couldn't wait for the next adventure!

To Be Countinued...