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2019-08-10 15:57:15,
2019-08-14 19:08:10
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Ladies and Gentlemen!

My name is Nathan Powell and today I am proud to announce that Wild Araz is now AVAILABLE! Right now you can go to Itch.io and download a copy of the Citizen's of Antiford game Wild Araz for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

For those of you who do not know: Wild Araz is a love letter to the website and steampunk group Citizens of Antiford.com. Their shared fictional universe of Orr has brought together my closest friends in this world and allowed us to explore our writing, character building, and cosplaying in challenging ways. This community has resulted in over 100 registered users, around 200 published stories, and countless friends. We are even hosting our own steampunk event in Machen Bachen coming October 5th.

Wild Araz takes these locations, characters, and stories within the fictional country of Antiford and brings them to life. In this game you will fine accurate (although not quiet cannon) depictions of characters, cities, towns, and landmarks as well as carve out your own story in this world. 

Travel to major locations:

Like Gearford, Astam Junction, White Haven, and more! Take the worlds written in the Encyclopedia and experience them in the game world. 

Meet actual characters:

Meet interesting characters right from our own directory (at least those in Antiford). Help Rilain track down cryptids. Visit the workshop of Lucas M Buford. Help Kasey expand his business to White Haven.

Can you find all the references?

Experience the Story:

Wake up a humble Zoo Employee who has to explore the country of Antiford for a variety of Animals to help fill up the Gearford Zoo. Along the way, help citizens of Antiford survive, get revenge, and grow their businesses. You might just uncover the underhanded dealings of a certain Fortress Industries. But you'll find no spoilers here, go experience it for yourself!

So several years later, I can now produce to you: Wild Araz. Please take some time and experience the world I have fallen in love with. 

For more information on Citizens of Antiford, please check out their Website and social media pages!


If you want to give a review or check out more Wild Araz content, please check out our facebook!