TempleCon 2015

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2015-02-10 07:56:42
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We have just returned from another wonderful TempleCon. While it was a busy few days, we were happy to see many of our old friends and overjoyed to meet so many new people. We would like to welcome Lewis Taheat and Olivia Annette Adams, who joined the site over the weekend. We look forward to seeing you more often (hopefully).

This year, we had four panels, which is four times the panels we had last year. Those panels were:

      Antiford 101 - A brief introduction to who we are and what we do.

      Automata - Lucas Buford delves into the history of the automaton.

      World Building - We show some the methods to our madness along with an activity where teams create countries and go to war!

      Story Time - Three short adventure stories and three "Madlibs" to entertain, with plenty of audience participation.

Each of these panels were received better than the previous and most had standing room only. Story Time had nearly thirty people crammed into the hotel room. We greatly look forward to holding these panels again at future conventions.

The vending areas were fantastic, as usual, and we got to see many of the vendors that we have come to know and love, particularly Big Bear's Trading Post and All Geared Up.

It proved to be difficult for some of us to get to many of the excellent panels on Saturday, due to us having all four panels about two hours apart from each other. But, we were able on Sunday to gather most of the fifteen Citizens, who were there this year, for a group photo, which can be found on our Facebook page and in the main carousel.

All in all, this was another great year at TempleCon, and a great start to the year, for the Citizens of Antiford. We look forward to all that this year will bring and hope to see you all there.