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Chapter 1: Enforcment on Level Fifteen

Julius Sclafani tapped his fingers impatiently on the cold steel railing inside the elevator. He was dressed in black excluding his large gray overcoat, embroidered with a scarlet S on the collar. At his feet lay two suitcases filled with hot death in many flavors.

Bored, he took out his pocket watch and check the time. 9:15pm, the sun would be setting in the surface world. That mattered little in GreyLoch, for them it only meant the neon would be turned up brighter and the level lights would be toned down. 9:15 also meant that Julius partner, Mikey, was fifteen minutes late.

Julius dug into his overcoat pocket and pulled out a pack of smokes. Not your average joe kind of cigarettes, these were Angel’s Breath, one of the most expensive brands in all GreyLock. Just as bad for you as any other brand but no Sclafani would be seen smoking anything less. With a snap of his fingers his Colloton inferno glove produced a small flame spout from the tip of his thumb. He light the cigarette and leaned against the steel elevator.

“Julius! Sorry I’m late.” Said Mikey Sclafani as he approached the elevator.

“You’re late.” He said in a dull voice.

“Sorry about that cousine. Needed to stop by Rafle’s to pick up this new suit.” Mikey opened his arms and did a little turn around showing off his gray pinstripe suit with skull embroidery.

“Get in the lift.”

Mikey stood inside the elevator while Julius hit the down button.

“You think it’s a good idea to wear a new suit like that for our job tonight?” Julius asked while exhaling smoke.

“Well I want to make a good impression.” Said Mikey while taking out a pack of Angel Smoke and bringing one up to his lips.

“No point in impressing the dead.”

“I get what you're say’in, sure it could get dirty and yes it's a little flashy but i’m hoping It gives me good luck. Got a light?”

“So it’s your good luck charm?”Julius said while lighting Mikey’s cigarette with a snap of his fingers.

“I guess so. It’s the kinda shit those demons in the fack’en desert do, maybe it will work for me too.”


A quiet moment passed as the two men watched themselves descend farther into the underground city of Greyloch. They started on level 13 and were now just passing level 14.

“So what's the job exactly?” Asked Mikey.

Julius knelt down and opened the suitcases. Inside were disassembled parts to a few guns. Julius started putting them together as he told Mikey the plan.

“We’ve gotten good intel that the Jacob’s family is trying to muscle in on our turf. Apparently they bought out one of the butcheries on level 15, Mories. If our informations true, they're using the back of the shop as a distillery. Level 15 is still our property, so we're going to march in the deli, Ice all the Jacob higherlings and then teach the deli owner, mories, a lesson.”

Julius handed Mikey a pistol, a sawed off shotgun and two pipe bombs filled with rock shippings. Julius himself had a pistol that he tucked in his overcoat pocket. His main firearm was a large automatic thompson.

“These are all diesel powered. They got enough kick to punch holes in the metal walls of the deli, do you don’t need to worry about them taking cover behind anything.”

“Gocha.” Said mikey as he pushed two slugs into the shotgun. He felt both excited and anxious at the same time. He’d never done such serious family work before. He delivered letters, sold boxes of cigars and worked the cassino before, but never any serious mafia activity. Now that Mikey was of age, he finally got some enforcement work.

“Mikey, just…. try not to die. We’ve got them off guard and outgunned. But they have more numbers. Don’t do anything stupid is all i’m asking.”

The elevator made a dinging noise, notifying them they had reached to floor 15.

“Alright, hats on. Gun’s up. It’s two blocks of a walk. We’re meeting Giovanni in the alleyway across from the butchers shop. We march there, do our job and be home in no time.” Said Julius.

The door opened and the two enforcers stepped out into the middle of the bustling city. Gun in hands and dressed to kill. Literally.

The streets were light up with bright neon signs. Franky’s Fruit, Liqueur, Blue Cat’s Nightclub and Cigars to name a few. All large bright signs that light up the streets. On the road walked a variety of people. Men dressed in three piece suites, dames in tight dresses and fur. There were even a good amount of working class walking around in suspenders and newsboy caps. All enjoying a night on the town, a typical night in Greyloch.

Various gamblers and residents of floor 15 saw the two Sclafini’s make their way through town. Some moved to the side, some pointed from a distance. The smart ones knew some trouble was about to start.

It used to be uncommon that the four families of Greyloch to fight so openly in public streets, but the Jacobs family have been persistent in pushing for more territory. The Sclafani’s gave warning, but their words fell on deaf ears. Gun’s,muscle, molotov cocktails and brains were the the only way the issue was going to be resolved.

The two gangsters made their way up boulevard St. to where Giovanni had been waiting for them. Giovanni was a very large man weighing 240 pounds and standing at 6.5 feet. Despite his intimidating size and grizzled face, the man was sweetheart.

“Giovanni! Good to see you!” Mikey waved as they approached.

“Mikey,” Giovanni said. His voice was deeper but mellow. He shook Mike's hand and pulled him in for a hug. “How’s your mother?”

“Doing well, thanks for asking.”

“Is that the place?” Julius asked.

“Sure is boss. I’ve seen a lot of deadbeats enter only to leave long after. I have a hard time thinking it takes five hours to buy meat, wouldn't you agree?” Giovanni said sarcastically.

Julius took one last smoke from his cigarette before flicking it to the ground.

“Alright. Let's have a little chat with Mories.”

A small bell dinged as the three entered the deli. It was a smaller place. Typical building for GreyLoch standards. The construction of the building was made from metal and cement. The interior showed a little more variety, the floors were clean tials and the counter and furnishings were wood. The shop itself was empty with the exception of Mories who stood at the counter.

“Julius! Mikey! How good to see you!” Mories said with a wide smile. “Looking for any cuts in particular? I’ve got a great shipment of beef the other day!”

Giovanni stood by the door while mikey walked around the room. Julius made his way to the counter.

“You could say that i’m looking for something,” Said Julius. “I’m don’t know exactly what I want, but I’ll know it when i see it. May I check the back?”

Mories could feel the blood in his veins freeze. Do they know? He thought to himself. It was then that he noticed the guns in their hands and he broke out into a cold sweet.

“Oh, sorry Julious. It’s a mess back there. I wouldn't want you to trip and hurt yourself.” He lied.

Julius leaned in.

“What’s in the backroom Mories? The family wants to know.”

Mories was sweating bullets. His heart pounded violently and his breath was short. Despite being terrified he did not want to give into the gangsters in front of him. He promised himself he’d stay tight lipped even if harassed. That promise was broken when Julius took out a switchblade and held it against Mories's nostril.

“Whats back there?!” Julius demanded!

“Th-the Jacobs and their distillery!” Mories cried! “Please, Please, Pleas Julius! I’m Sorry! Mikey, please tell him I’m sorry.”

Mikey felt sympathy for the deli owner, but his pleads of mercy fell on deaf ears with julius.

“You betrayed the family Mories, You never betray the Sclafani’s!” Julius scolded villainously as he slashed his knife through the man's nostril. A watery river of blood spilled out down his face. The man yelled in pain as he hit the floor and broke out into a sob.

Julius was furious. So much that he picked Mories up and held him by the collar.

“How many are back there?” He demanded.

Before he could reply a single member of the jacobs gang exited the back room and entered the deli where Julius was seen throttling mories. The man took a moment to notice the scarlet S embroidery, when he did he piece together what was happening. He was not quick enough on the uptake in a matter of seconds Mikey tackled him to the ground before he could warn the others. Micky pinned him down with his forearm. With his free hand he took out his switchblade and sliced along the gangmember’s throat. Forever silenced.

Julius gave Mikey an approving nod before bringing his attention back to Mories.

“How many?” He asked.


Julius dropped mories on the ground. “Don’t move, I have something important for you to do.”

Julius and Mikey stood side by side and pointed their guns to the metal wall. From one end of the wall to the other they unleashed open fire. The loud noises of gunshots were accompanied by the piercing sound of metal. The high powered weaponry blasting past the wall like construction paper. The sound of scattered pantic in the room was quickly followed by fumbling body's hitting the ground. Mikey could not help but smile a little. Deep down, the sound and feel of gunshots excited him. It tickled something dark and primal in him.

When mikey was out of slugs, and julius finished his drum magazine they stood there in the aftermath. The wall full of holes. Bits or light were visible, complemented by the heavy clot of gunsmoke in the room.

Giovanni began dumping gasoline around the deli as julius and Mikey went to the back room. Sure enough, set up in the back of the deli was a distillery. The equipment was nowhere near salvageable, it was all broken and smashed to hell by the gunfire. Large barrels of booze lined the walls, along with the blood of the jacob’s goons. Eleven dead bodies lay on the floor. None of them appeared to be actually family members of the Jacob line which was unfortunate. The dead men and women had no jacob insignia or even decent clothing to make them look to of had any significance. They looked nothing more than poor. As the two inspected the room, one thing caught Mikey’s eye. One dead girl in particular. She had a pretty face even while being a little dirty and covered in blood, .

“Shame this girl got involved.” He said aloud to Julius, who cared not for anything more than a glance at the girl.

Once finished with their inspections the two joined Giovanni in the main room. The building was now caked in gasoline and smelled toxic.

“Alright boys, we’re done here let’s go.” Julius said.

Mories who was still by the counter rushed to the doors. He was denied exit by Julius as he punched the man in the face and knocked him back inside his deli.

“Not you mories.”

“Bu-uut, I’m sorry Julius I can make it up to you and the family! You said it yourself, you had something important for me to do.!” Mories cried.

“That's true, you still are. You are not only going to deliver a message, but be the message. a message to all the other other business not to make the same mistake.” He said as he took out a cigarette. He snapped his fingers, produced a flame and lit his angels breath. He took one drag before tossing it at Morise who instantly caught on fire along with his store.

The building erupted in flames of hellish proportion. Bright red and orange light signed hotter than any neon sign ever built. Citizens and tourists dared not get close as they witnessed the building burn, and heard the screaming of the deli owner.

The scrams and pleas of Mories carried on for a solid two minutes. Until he was burnt to a crisp.

The three gangsters basked in the red inferno on the street corner. The job was dangerous, and the setback could do a lot of damage to the family but Julius could not help but focus on how pleased he was at how well Mikey handled himself.

“You did good kid,” He said as he pulled out a sclafani calling card. “Would you like to do the honors?”  

Mikey took the card and looked it over. Solid back but with his family’s iconic scarlet S. Mikey savored the moment of dropping it on the ground in front of the deli.

Julius watched his little cousin drop the card. Julius had to admit, the fire made mikey and his skull suit look awfly devil like. Guess he was born into the right family, in the right business. And he had a feeling business was about to be booming.