Names! (Titanian Alphabet preview)

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2014-02-22 16:20:08,
2020-08-21 10:48:40
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[Image description: a scan of two pages in my journal, where I practiced writing the Titanian language, which has runic characters. I used the names of some of the other members in Antiford. Both pages show lists of names, with the runic script and then the person's name written in English below it. Names on the right page: ABIGAIL BEATRIX CORMAC, LUCAS MERRIWEATHER BUFORD, PHINNEUS CARACTACUS CROMWELL, ALEXANDER NOLAN, LEO SWIFT, JOEL ARNET, KENT NICHOLAS, ASTRID WESTERGAARD, RILAIN MORTADOR, DEIDRICH VON KRESSER, AND NESTOR DELGADO. Names on the left page: DAYNTIE FEOUL, GREGOR OSVO, SETHE BISHOP, ANABELLE BARDENEEN, LYNETTE THEODOSIA CRENSHAW, NIGEL HOFFMAN, JAYDN WILLARD, WILLIAM WHITE, AND FRANKLIN VON SQUIGGLEBOTTOM.]