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located in the North West of Prushland




Greyloch was originally the name of a large drill developed by four private corporations. The goal was to dig deep into the earth to uncover materials and a new source of power and fuel, an alternative to steam would make a fortune to the four companies. The drill eventually dug so deep in the earth it took an hour for workers to exit the large hole, so the workers decided to make camp inside the crater. Not long after, the drill uncovered many rich irons, gems and oil. The workers began building new capital fueled by this new resource. The drilling operation became so successful that the private corporations had to higher more human resource to expand. After a few years the large crater in the ground became a thriving city.

The city itself is built by layers. Greyloch is currently finished its twentieth layer. The richer parts of the city are the upper five layers, due to them being closer to the surface to trade with the surface land. The farther down you go, the more poorer the city gets. Wealth is less distributed by the 15th layer. Each layer has its own set of residential, industrial and commercial buildings as well as shops. Many of the layers have casinos and gambling houses along with bars and nightclubs. To travel lower or higher levels in the city you must take one of the five large elevators located in the center of the city.


Greyloch does not have any solid government foundations. There are four police departments, one per each family owned level. Most police and detectives are what normal civilizations would see as corrupt. Because the police department is funded by the families the police turn a blind eye to any criminal activity made by any member of a family. The police are mostly hired to steal civilian disputes and to appear as Greyloch is a typical city with order. The true power force and unofficial “government” actions are done by the cities founders; the four private corporations. More commonly known in the city as the Greyloch’s Mafia. All four families come together to set aside problems or make large scale decisions. The’re more commonly known to fight each other for power and property than to work as a unity.

The Four Families:

Uniewski: Levels 1-5. Richest family and most powerful but keep their tracks covered. Due to their levels being closest to the surface their gambling houses get the most attention from tourists. Because of their wealth they own the strongest fire arms. Over the years they rarely have had any fights. Because of this their mafia enforcers are not to very experienced.

Collotson: levels 6-10. Upper class. Focuses more on business and less on vice unlike all other families. Their level 10 is solely used as industry buildings to produce their high supply. Colloston’s are also the lead investors in Greyloch’s gadgetry. Many mafia members buy their gadgets from Colloston. Though, Collotson always keeps the best inventions for themselves.

Sclafani: levels 11-15: Middle class. Sclafani’s are well rounded but have been having trouble with the Jacob family with in the last year. Their family has had a long term partnership with Collotson. This partnership gives the Sclafani’s better guns and tech over the Jacobos. Sclafani’s are experienced fighters and have a good stock of weaponry to back them up.

Jacobs: level 16-20. The Jacobs family has recently been displaying obvious actions of violence toward the Sclafani’s. The family feels it has been screwed, being given the lowest levels and the poorest ones. They are overly ambitious and plan on taking floors by force. They have a large population of poor residents and family members. Their known to be sneaky and tactical in their approach.

The families are a very small percentage of each levels population.

On appearance:

Unlike most cities that expand outward externally Greyloch is a city that is located in a gigantic crater in the ground and expands downward into the earth.

The city is deep and expansive, with large buildings made out of metals and stone. The dark underground is lit up with lights fueled by various oil pipes tucked in the cities grounds. Despite the city being underground its one of the brightest places on Orr. Large glowing signs displaying shops and gambling houses. Outside there are large pathways for people to walk by as well as road for the less common automobile. Toward the center to each level of city are five large tubes. Elevators that can bring you to any of the 20 levels of the city, as well as the surface.

Many of the citizens of Greyloch wear their own style of clothing. Men with suites and thin ties and ladies with tight dresses above ankle height. The style has come to be known as “Slick” to the Greyloch population. You will also see some of the wealthy folk with gloves or other gadgets that provide handy fetes. Such as a gloves that will procure a small flame with the snap of your fingers. The Greyloch populi do love their gadgets.

Overall the city looks fun on at first glance but within the dark alleyways you’ll find dead bodies. Behind the back of a barber shop you’ll see drug shipments. The Mafia own this city and their trail can be seen behind the scenes.

The outside world view Greyloch as a prosperous city, and somewhat of a tourist sight ( gambling houses ) but mostly view it distastefully. Some even giving the city and its residents insulting nicknames such as “grease pit.”


Greyloch only exports minerals and gems to outside countries. They keep their oil and tech to themselves. Their main source of outside influx of money is tourist visits and gambling. They Import many crops as well as meat, due to Greyloch being very inhabitable for farms and animals.


When thinking of Grayloch’s environment, people and overall culture, think of the 1920. They have a dieselpunk theme and their culture thrives around it. The people all have a “city” attitude. They seek money and fun and are prone to starting fights. Their culture is not to far off from that of Antiford.

Out of world

Greyloch is basically a large city for dieselpunks and those who like noire based themes. You can think of the city levels of Greyloch as 1920’s Las Vegas meets New York in an underground “utopia” The citizens wear suites and the mafia a more Ratpack theme. The girls range from all the fashions of the 20’s through the flapper theme is very embraced in many of the women.