Gizmos & Gadgets Book: Writers Guide

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We've decided upon the theme for the next book, the next collection of Antiford community-written stories. Gizmos & Gadgets!

Take Inspiration

That means channeling your inner Jules Verne. To use technology as a vehicle to tell a story.

We seriously recommend looking at his list of his works for inspiration.

If you're in a visual/gaming mood, check out a wonderful steampunked-up adaptation, 80 Days for computers and mobile devices.


  1. Target 19,000 words. A bit less or plenty more is fine.
  2. There must be interesting historical or steampunky technology in the story.
  3. The technology in the story must be prominently featured, whether several things throughout a tale or one important thing helping drive the plot.
  4. Stories must be able to work with Antiford canon
  5. You must have a full draft, hopefully not your first, by July 2019.


We expect that some people will draw from history, some will draw from Antiford's pre-existing technology, and some will invent or create new things for our world.

When you have ideas for technologies, we recommend you get pre-approval (avoiding extra rewrites) by messaging the Order of the Badger via email or group chats - the usual rule applies: two to approve, but all three to be sure / nice.

We want to work with you to help tell a story you're interested in writing that will fit in the world.