1900-01-08 to 1872-06-20


Antiford Summary 1800-1900

Lucas Merriweather Buford
official wordcanon

A summary of the major events and characters from the first decade of writing by the Antiford community.

There was an event where this was originally presented, along with a short workshop.


The Prush War of Imperial Reclamation

Lucas Merriweather Buford and The Emperor of Prush
major eventcanon

The war where Diederich Eirck VonKresser reclaimed his imperial heritage and conquered the Confederacy in Prush.


Astrid's Multimedia Challenge

Astrid Westergaard

this is the second time I've written this damn thing, so y'all better read it. 

for the Multimedia Challenge.

* does not include stories that have not specified a date/time in their "more info"