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The arctic is a land of extremes. It is a barren, temperamental environment where any life that dares to live there must adapt to the harsh climate or perish.

This section of Titania is largely unpopulated, except for a few nomadic tribes, but it plays a significant role in the folklore and mythology of the Yeti people. For Astrid and her brother Aedan, it is the setting of their favorite fairy tale, Prince Halvard’s Riddles. As children they spent countless hours planning their own expedition to the north, hoping to escape their easy -- though suffocating -- aristocratic life and to find the Prince’s most valuable treasures and untold riches. Aedan’s untimely death when Astrid was nine turned this fantasy into an obsession.

To her, the polar landscape represented adventure and freedom in a wistful, almost juvenile way. It held possibilities as vast as the ice caps that populated the icy expanse -- legends heralded them as guardians of ancient wisdom. But Astrid found neither freedom nor wisdom (or even treasure!) when she finally found her way to the far north as a young woman, only an abrupt and costly reality check.

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She has since traded the tundra for a different type of desert, but the the memory of this bitter land serve to remind her of the remarkable loss she incurred there and the cold indifference it instilled in her.

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