1880-02-49 to 1900-06-20


Titanian Language 101

Astrid Westergaard
in-progresscanonstrong language

An introductory lesson in Titanian language for non-natives. You too can learn to say "I love pizza" in the language of the Yeti. 


Prush Empire Military Roster

The Emperor of Prush

A Detailed list of The Prush Empires fighting forces.

(May Decrease over time) 


Dun'cahrun (Crime Syndicate)

Astrid Westergaard

A guide to a particular mob in Nyxiana/Argenstrath, lead by Ryan Holme.


Intro To Steampunk / Live Q&A - 2020

Lucas Merriweather Buford, Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell, and Abigail Beatrix Cormac
official word

A steampunk beginner's guide and Antiford group Q&A performed for the Jewelry City Steampunk Virtual Festival 2020

* does not include stories that have not specified a date/time in their "more info"