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2014-10-27 18:57:08,
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Hello there! its me Eric! or The Emperor

So here's the deal i enjoy making these adventure stories, but they take a long time to make and there not filling out my little slice of the world fast enough.

I decided to stop the adventure stores and speed up my over arching story. To be clear ill make adventure stores but not right now. 

O did u know that all those tails take place 5 years before now? so the only thing you have read are past history....

SO! soon im going to start posting news paper articles about prush and whats going on there.... these stores will be day by day, week by week accounts almost live coverage of things happening in prush!

also so i don't fill the library with my ramblings i'm going to post them in one story per week, that may be updated per day/ per week!

STAY TUNED! things may just change soon