Machen Bachen 2018

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The time has come to post the announcement for this year's Machen Bachen.

Join us once again on Four Tree Island in historic downtown of Portsmouth, NH for games, food, and fun!  

The event has been posted to Facebook, where a potluck roster will be started. For those that do not use Facebook, feel free to leave comments below.

Abigail and Phin will be providing hot dogs and hamburgers to supplement the potluck and will also be bringing the traditional machen bachen (both original and vegetarian). Everyone is more than welcome to make their own version.

As always, please provide a list of the ingredients as well as any that may trigger food allergies.

When is it?

September 15th from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm


The games will include:

Morkodret Cornhole - Try your skill at slaying the beast, Morkodret. This game is played similar to cornhole.

Kubb - Often nicknamed 'Viking Chess', this game was introduced last year to the event and was an immediate success.

Shooting Stand - A nerf-gun shooting range to test your aim!

The Competition

Once again, Team Swift and Team VonKressor will be pitted against each other for the Championship! Who will reign supreme?

The events will include:

Morkodret Cornhole, Kubb, Shooting Stand, Nerf Duel, Sword (Boffer) Duel, and Tug-o-War.

As a reminder: The park is dry, so no alcohol is permitted, and no pets are allowed.