The History of the Creation of Everything

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Old World Religion

Before the begining , there was Mogus. Then Moghus created Tamarus out of the fabric of everything, and Thus time began. Then he married her, and then thye had sex, and the stars were created from their sweat, and then Tamarus gave birth to three children, Demitruius, Lilith and Adele. Tamarus wanted a place to raise her children, so Moghus built Orr, but Tamerus wanted there to be a way to tell time, and when Mogus refused to make it so, she set about it herself, and set periods of light and darkness, then created one great light to goven the light time and two smaller lights to govern the dark time, whose positions changed relative to how many dark times had passed. Thus she created day and night, and the months.

Moghus, to spite her, then declared his son the god of the great light and her daughters the goddesses of the lesser lights, but he was her son too, so that didn't really work, and then they made up and conceived a child with their make-up sex. Tamerus' next birth was difficult though, and Tamerus bled and bled and bled, and her blood covered Orr, except for the highest points to the east, and the high plateau to the west, and the tallest mountain, which was called Mt. Zydron and became home to Moghus and Tamerus and their descendants. The child born was called Korga, and Moghus made her Goddess of the pool of blood, which he called the sea.

Tamerus then rested for three cycles of Lilith and Adele, before she grew restless and called out to Moghus, and thus more children were conceved, and Mell and Scret were born. Then Korga gave birth to Demitrius' child, and named him Areis, and begged her father to give him powers, and so Moghus gave him power over how much of the light from his fathers domain would be covered, and how much of water might fall and dilute his mother's domain. Thus Areis was made the god of what is now called weather.

As Mell and Scret grew, Mell was always kind and gentle, but Scret was rough and liked to play pranks on the other Gods and Goddesses. Moghus disliked Scret and wanted to banish him from Mt. Zydron, but Tamerus defended her son, of whom she was quite fond. In retalliation, Moghus made Mell the Godess of all things good and beautiful and Scret god of mischeif. Scret teased Mell, because he was displeased and she yelled at him. They argued for three days, and then had sex. Thus Mell conceived Gorn. Since Moghus and Tamerus argued after that as well, and ended their argument the same way, Filiya and Fiara were conceived on the same day.

Later, Scret grew to have a crush on his sister Korga, and grew jelous of Demetrius' hold on her. To break the hold Demetirus had on their sister, Scret used his powers to disguise himself as Demitrius and sleep with Korga. When he revealed himself to be Scret, Korga ran down Mt.Zydron, sobbing her eyes out, and Gorn, Filiya and Fiara ran after her. They chased her around the land for nine months, and when they finally caught up to her, a child had been born, who they called Oceille and carried back to Mt. Zydron. Moghus made the new born child the God of the rivers of tears that then crisscrossed the land.

After that, Filiya and Fiara begged to be allowed to fill the empty land, and so he gave Fiara the power to create things that moved, and Filiya the power to create things that didn’t, and they went to work, and Gorn followed them, because he had no power yet and nothing better to do. And so Filiya created plants of every sort and Fiara created animals of every sort and then they went back to Mt. Zydon to show their father what they had done, and he was distressed, because he saw that if left to multiply unchecked, all the living things they created would over run Orr. So then Tamarus suggested that each living thing be allotted only a certain amount of time to live, and Moghus asked who would oversee such an arrangement and Gorn stepped forward, because he was the last of Moghus’ descendants to be without power or element, so it was decided that Gorn would oversee Life and Death and Moghus made it so.

Humans were created when Scret challenged Fiara, claiming there was no way she could make an animal as smart as the gods, but she did, and then Moghus got mad, and was about to destroy all humans when Mell came forward and begged that we be spared, and Moghus agreed, but only if not human was ever to be given powers or allowed on Mt. Zydon. Thus humans became good, and evil, and animal, because we were preserved, inspired and created by Mell, Scret, and Fiara, respectively.

The seasons came about because Gorn got into an argument with Areis because he said that the weather was too erratic and that too many animals and plants were dying. Areis argued that extreme opposites made the world more interesting, and separated the strong animals from the weak. After arguing the point for many days, they brought their quarrel to Tamarus, who, with her love of time-keeping, invented a system whereby Areis cycled through hot and cold to give the creatures time to prepare. And thus there were seasons.

Aspera and Demons came about because Scret impregnated a human woman and Moghus, in anger, cursed all of his children to be evil and drive humans away, and blessed all Mell’s children to be good and helpful proactively, just to add insult to injury, so to speak, and Mell took a human lover in solidarity with her brother. And thus Aspera and Demons were conceived.