The Story Behind: Buford's Mechanical Hand Prop

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2018-08-01 19:41:35,
2018-08-09 07:58:10
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Model 01

It was originally inspired by the walkthrough friends and I found on deviantart. It's actually the same source of inspiration for moving steampunk hands from at least one other steampunker I've met.

In 2011, a good friend of mine at the time, Simon, offered to help me, which was just the motivation I needed to start working on this. I've always been more of a storyteller and world-builder than prop artist, so the extra help was very necessary.

Honestly, the tutorial we found was based around BBQ forks that we totally couldn't find the likes of. If you can find the ones they used, it looks like a great option. So, in lieu of this, we improvised - with a dowel rod cut up in proportional sizes.


With all the wooden pieces cut out. We got the screws, eyelets, and other bits ready.

We first assembled the fingers and hand sections using the hinges, just to check that the fingers moved freely about in a natural way.


The external springs and internal strings were attached after the eyelets were screwed in. Then, the glove was attached (screwed through the back of the glove) and a sleeve to be fastened around the arm for stability was measured out and attached.

The arm strap closes via velcro. Here's how the arm looks - although I would some wood stain/sealant protecting it and improving the color.


It came out pretty good. I took it out pretty soon after to a photoshoot in Exeter with Phin, Abigail, and Walter - at that time in the March of 2012, the active members.