Northstar Specifications

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Northstar II

The Northstar II is a two-masted schooner.

Commissioned: 1894

Length:135 ft (41m), 155 ft (47m) including jib boom.

Width: 30 ft (9m)

Height: 105 ft (32m)

Displacement: 185 tonnes

Sail Plan: Gaff-rigged

Speed: 16 knots (19 mph, 30 kph) on water, 60 knots (70 mph, 110 kph) in the air

Sail area: 8100 ft2 (750 m2)

Side Sail area: 1750 ft2 (160 m2)

Fin area: 4200 ft2 (390 m2)

Construction Materials: Titanian oak, cross-grain layered hull, Titanian fir decks.

Weapons: 2 rail mounted lightning cannons (range 250ft (76m))

             8 compressed air 50mm cannons (4 on port, 4 on starboard)

        2 compressed air 100mm cannons (both forward mounted)

        4 compressed air 20mm rapid fire guns (800 rounds per minute)

        2 compressed air harpoon guns (mobile, tethered, range 450 ft))

              Additional harpoons: Lightning rods

All of the weapons are designed for rapid assembly and storage.

Engines: 2 Lifter engines (providing upward thrust)

Power: 2 7500Ah 96V batteries (rechargable)

2 capacitor banks (capable of withstanding and absorbing up to 3 direct lightning strikes)

2 10kW natural gas powered electric generators

        2 high pressure compressed air tanks and compressors (100 gal, 5000psi)

Flight Time: 6 hour maximum under powered flight. Near indefinite when storm riding.