Boric's Origin

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"Steady that topsail!"

A young man slowly climbed the rigging, rain stinging his face. All around him the wind was howling and ropes were lashing about fiercely. A strong gust pushed and the young sailor nearly lost his grip on the mast.

He continued the arduous climb, one he had made many times before, but never in such conditions. Eventually, he reached the top of the mast and found the wind and rain even more fierce. He reached for the rigging and began to lash the sail down.

Another strong gust came and pushed the young man off the mast. A strange sense of calm came over him as the world seemed to slow. As quick as he had been pushed off, the calm was replaced by a sense of terror.

Just then, a hand shot through the wind and rain, firmly grasping the young man's arm. The young man looked up to see a man, who was hardly older than himself, firmly grasping onto the rigging and pulling him in. The young sailor was slammed into the mast. Together, they climbed back to the top and secured the sail.

Just as they finished tying the sail, the ship broke through the clouds, into calmer skies. Below them, the sharp peaks of The Hoganmaar could be seen piercing the storm clouds.

The two made their way down to the main deck. They were greeted by the first mate, Owen Carlisle.

"Good job on that sail, boys."

"Thank Boric. He saved me when I was pushed off", said the young man.

"Well, I am glad our newest crewman knows how to handle himself in a storm."

"Yes sir, that storm was calm compared to the waters northeast of Manenlande. And there's no sailing up above those", replied Boric.

"Too true, lad. But you had better hope we don't hit a sandstorm on our approach to White Haven. That would make this look like a pleasant, summer rain."

Boric had spent most of his youth aboard a cargo ship making runs between Titania and Kuu. He was descended from many generations of sailors on his father’s side, and his father felt that the tradition should continue. Now, he was 27. He decided to sign up on the cargo ship Valr, which was making runs between Hjem and Antiford.

Most of the crew were Yeti or Human. This meant that Boric stood out a little. He was tall and muscular, like a Yeti, but his ears had a light point to them and his hair was a very light blonde, almost white. His father, a Yeti from Hjem had met his mother, a Nakalo who worked at a small bakery, while on a trip to Gearford. He was taken with her and even resigned as bosun from his ship, purchased a small vessel, and began to make small cargo runs between Hjem and Gearford, just so he could see her more often. Eventually, he asked for her hand, and they settled in a small house in Klippebror.