Final Charge

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Final Charge

      "Seal the deck! Prepare for departure!"

      The order was carried through immediately. Sergeant Riddley braced himself behind one of the ships cannons. Private Linsdale took the same position, and together they pushed the cannon into firing position. The black powder was loaded and ready to use and the new explosive cannonballs loaded. The whole time he dreamed of the new shell based cannons some of the ships were equipped with.  However, this war was dragging on and those cannons were expensive. 

      Couldn't afford them when the army needed Airships.

      Six bright new airships lined their new fleet. Catamarans. They were sand-sailed in to the front lines so the enemy wouldn't see them approach. Their balloons were now being inflated as they prepared for their landing. They were reinforced for the three damaged vessels that made it out of the last air battle. The Prushian forces made a hard push, shelling their batteries on their side and calling out the air force for aerial combat. Although both sides fought heavily, it was the Antifordians that achieved air superiority.

      Now they had no choice. While the air was theirs, they needed to have one final push. 

      It was time, now, and their artillery batteries opened fire. Slinging shells and cannonballs into the air, disappearing into the morning fog across the canyon. They managed to get two volleys shot off before the sound of the landings reached their ears. The artillery continued to fire as the soldiers made their way onto the Airship deck.

      The were dressed in their crisp, brown uniforms. Perfect for desert combat, the uniforms were designed to cool the body and lighten the soldier. Antifordian Soldiers could fight longer and move quicker then their armored enemies, but they were bullet sponges if caught off guard. They held shiny new lever action rifles. Their packs were full and looked slightly bulky.

      Riddley shook his head. So this landing was a series one. They intended to take the canyon once and for all this time. Which wasn't good for them. Usually this means Airships would be sacrificed for the good of the fight.

      The order was given and the balloon was full. The Catamaran Airship began to ride into the night. Nerves were high as the ship ascended above the canyon. A whistle blew from another airship, and the engines were turned on high. Into the fog, The Airships began their journey across canyon.

      One volley of anti-Airship fire rang out from the Antifordian line. They passed the Airships and slung out into the fog. Their explosions lit up the fog. Not a single enemy Airship or observation balloon. The engines were turned up and they continued through the fog. The Antiford Artillery stopped, and for a brief second the battlefield was quiet.

      Until a series of small whistles could be heard. Suddenly the airship to their right burst into flame. The balloon caught on fire and the burning hull dropped right out of the sky. Its flames could be seen for some time as it dropped into the abyss. More explosions burst in the air all around them. The Prushians were using anti aircraft rockets!

      The Captain turned the Airship hard. The Prushian Cliff line was coming into view. They were going to make a broadside while the rest of the ships blazed ahead. The order was given, and Riddley tensed. The whistle blew, and Riddley raised the ignition fire to the wick. All at once little sparks lit up the side of the boat as the cannons were lit. Riddley aimed the cannon and then stepped back. One by one the cannons fired, raining hell down on the Prushian lines.