The Child's Committee

2016-01-24 16:01:06
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The Child's Committee

A common practice with in Antiford's past has been the appointment of a God-Parents for a new born child. One taking on this role meant that they would take on the obligation to serve as proxies for the parents to provide for the training of the child in the case the child’s parents are unable to for various reasons.

The practice evolved with practical usage beyond religious within Royalty. Simply put, as the demands of Royalty increased, number of those charged with well-bring and raising of child.  Where you would have seen a God-Father and God-Mother in the past, a royal child would have seen the addition of several God-Uncles and God-Aunts. Some charged with a specific role while others being more ceremonial and honorific.

As the Engineers rose in power across Antiford, so did a rejection of the mysticism and superstition surrounding religion. One way this took place was for an Engineer family forgo God-Parents for the formation of a Child’s Committee. The Child’s Committee uses familiar structure of a Ph.D. committee and co-opt it for the well-being, raising, and education of the child. As with god parents, being to appointed to a Child’s Committee is considered an honor.  

The Committee there are three roles. The first is that of an adviser, or someone who can provide information and advice. The next role is that of Member. This role is akin to the previous God-Uncle or God Aunt and also has voting privileges. Leading the Committee is the chair who is responsible for the functioning of the committee and direct contact with the family.

One of the advantages of a Child’s Committee is the flexibility to adapt and change over time for various reasons. Some of these are very practical, as in the case of the addition of new advisers, retirement of members, or the unfortunate case of the death of a member.  With this flexibility, it is common to see the committee restructure to suit a particular need of the child. As such, it is very typical of see some restructuring as a child grows into their teens where they are considered an adviser and becomes active in the affairs of the committee.  As the child enters into their early 20’s, they elevated as a member. One of the goals at this point is to prepare the child to take over as their own chair. To do so, the child makes their “Defense”, more so prove they have been raised and educated well. This is more of a formality for most children except for those whom have been groomed for a specific role.