Ishita Character Sheet

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Name: Ishita Matthai

Antiford Year Born: 1877

Species: Human

Nationality: Kanteburian

Location: Jhardhandi

Description (Physical): Long, black hair. Strong build. Short nose. Small bust.

Rough Height: Short to Average

Skin Color/Tone: Caramel Skin

Description (Personality): Determined, stubborn, eager, defensive.

Goal(s): To become a Perdadu.

Fear(s): Failure. To become a housewife.

Religion: None/Perdadu Beliefs.

Place of Birth: Kadvu Village in Jhardhandi.

Family: Small, unnamed family.

Skills: Shilambam, Minor Tinker skills

Education: Perdadu Training

Occupation: Perdadu Initiate

Most Important Moment to Date: Acceptance to the Perdadu Temple for training.

Most Important Person in their life: Her Grandmother (Sergeant Kurpreet) and her Grandfather (Perdadu Matthai)

Preferred Weapon: Shashki Scythes

Secret(s): She actually wants to be a mother.

Hobbies: Plays the Sarangi and plays chess.