Leo's epic rap battles of Antiford

2013-09-08 15:48:25,
2013-09-08 19:39:08
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Jole Arnett

Let me hop off my airship and step up the game

I'm Leo Swift bitch about to bring the pain!


I fly high in the sky

you play in the dirt

your no adventurer

so put on a skirt


Girls at the bunny house,

is that the only way you can get layed?

Why not try charm,

cause my girls don’t have to get payed.


Lets face it

You're as charming as a dust.

The bunny house girls even make fun of your famous

“Arnett’s quick one thrust.”


Yeah thats true,

I’ll smack a Yeti around.

At least they pose a threat

unlike yourself you clown!

Man I don’t even need a plan

to take you down!


With your rapping skill this battle will end in a flash

Cause this is the second fight that all you brought was trash!


Your teacher, Flynt was it?

He’s got the skill of my boot

Odysseus was the REAL mentor

He thought me how to fight fly and shoot.


You're like a bratty child,

well that and a out of shape creep.

And That goes double

for your landship junk heap.


You see I’m a legendary bounty hunter.

You may say i'm stupid and smug,

but at the end of the day son,
rapping is easy against your fat ass in your landship bug.

I’m Leo

and my rhymes and are so swift.

Give me a call Arnett when you're stuck in the sand

maybe I’ll give you a lift.


Your jealous, the only thing you got over me

is your little scorpius two.

Lets admit it Arnetty,

I'm just a better man than you.