Will we see you at RuffleCon 2014?!

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The Citizens of Antiford have been invited to RuffleCon to present several of our panels, including:

  • Steampunk 101 (SAT 9:00AM- Chapel Room)

            An introduction to all things steampunk! Includes a brief overview of the history, the fashion, steampunk media, and the community.

  • Steampunk Fashion (SAT 3:30PM-Temple Room)

            An introduction to steampunk fashion! Learn the basics, common looks, and how to incorporate steampunk into your own style!

  • Steampunk: A Lolita Trend? (SAT 6:30PM-Chapel Room)

            Is steampunk the next big trend in Lolita fashion? Includes a look into steampunk-styled Lolita brand releases and the fashion movement in Japan that's influencing them.

  • Thrifty Steampunk (SUN 12:30AM-Wooster Room)

             Love the look of steampunk fashion, but don't want to spend hundreds on an outfit that's uniquely you? Join us for tips, tricks, and "steamhacks" for creating a thrifted wardrobe.

  • Automata(SUN 2:00PM-Temple Room)

             A look at automata, robots, and androids, and why they have been a powerful story telling trope throughout the history of media.

What is Rufflecon?

      RuffleCon is the first alternative fashion conference in the Northeast USA. Created as a celebration of alternative fashion sub-cultures, Rufflecon is a way to share, learn, and co-mingle between the different styles. 

So besides getting to hang out with the Citizens, why should I go?

      There will be several alternative fashions seen at this con, most notably steampunk, goth, punk, and a range of Japanese fashions. Although encouraged, you don't have to dress up to attend! 

      If you're not into fashion, there are several people from the steampunk community that have been invited as guests; Music By Auerlio VoltarePsyche CorporationPlatform One, Steampunk Fashion by Redfield Designs, and a Meet and Greet/Book signing with GD Falksen.

We hope to see you there!