Conspiracy in Antiford

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2015-05-31 01:25:31,
2015-06-01 10:34:18
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The Dieselisation organization

Although there are always unique people and personalitys in antiford there have been  Some that mention an often seen man wearing an odd outfit standing out by the older buildings and railways of gearford. Many have seen other people in these strange outfits often said to have a "D.O" sign on there back. At first they thought these where just another trouble making gang and that they would be dealt with later, but soon many railroads in antiford where being sabotaged. Locomotives set to burst and bends dented into railway ties to cause engines to derail. More then stations where being targeted, steam bikes and stationary steam engines! "Diesel will overthrow" has been painted on the walls of buildings.Its all clear now...if you outdate steam the people have no choice to change! The world would be stuck in dieselisation! Trapped in what the created! They would rule us all! IF WE DONT DO SOMETHING NO ONE WILL!