Leo Finds An Old Friend

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Captain Jonathan Garfield

"This is your worst plan yet!" Dr.White yelled to Leo who was tying a rope around his waist.

"You always think my plans are rubbish so what's special about this one?" Leo asked back.

"The fact that this one is purely madness!"

"Alright look Will, the longer we sit here the sooner there ship will ascend up to our level and blow us out of the sky. Besides, this will be fun." He said with a smirk and handed the the other end of the rope to Dr.White. And with that Leo jumped off the ship pluminting in the air. 

He moved his goggles over his eyes so that he could see without the wind resistance blowing in them. He learned quick that it was hard to aim where you are going while you are free falling from the sky. It was fortunate that the pirates airship that he was falling towards had a large black colored air balloon that stood out like a black sheep in a group of white. And that black balloon was getting closer by the seconds. Leo took out his combat knife and held it reverse handed so the blade was pointing down. Before he impacted the balloon Leo yelled out.

"I'm Leo Swifttttttttt!"

Pft. That was the sound the balloon made when Leo landed on it with his dagger. He expected something more, something around the lines of a BANG or POP like the smaller balloons that existed. Helium was coming out but It would take a long time at this rate.

"I might as well take care of the pirates the normal way." Leo said to himself.

With a firm grip in hand on one of the rope pieces that held the balloon and the ship together he descended the rope and found his way swinging down onto the main deck of the pirate ship. There was a normal amount of pirates on board. Around five in all, male and female. They all were busy handing out guns or stuffing the canons. All that stopped once they noticed Leo standing there. The began circling him, pointing swords at him.

"Alright guys." Leo said. "I am going to ask you once to surrender, Its much faster and efficient that way."

A few of the pirates snickered, one of them gave Leo a big creepy grin, filled with gold and silver teeth.

"Alright I see, You wana go rounds!" Leo exclaimed as he dove on top of the first guy, tackling him to the ground. Leo quickly crawled over after and ran for the ladder that lead to the crows nest under the balloon. The other four pirates hot on his heals swords raised. One of which was getting dangerously close to Leo. He reached for a rope hanging down and leaped to the side for it. Leo swung around the ladder with his leg extended out and slammed into the pirate, knocking him the the floor board.

The rope snapped after the strain of swinging and drooped Leo to the ground. A female pirate was approaching him with a dagger, ready to stab him.

"Look, I don't hit girls." Leo stated. "But then again, I would hate to be sexist." Shwap! He let out a punch right across her face knocking her back.

All of a sudden Leo's arms here grabbed and tied together! One of the pirates snuck up behind him! The three ( still conscience ) pirates all held him back making sure he could not struggle his way free.

The other female pirate who had hair black as the night yelled out "Captain!"

Leo looked down the deck towards the bridge where the captains quarters were located. The doors burst open and out of them walked a man that's chest looked top heavy in a masculine way. He was dressed in typical pirate garb for a captain. Long brown cote, open puffy white shirt, colorful strips of rages, and a large hat. He walked up slowly. 

"Now what do he have hear?" He got strikingly close. They were face to face. Then Leo noticed something. He was completely and urtly shocked!

"Of all the times were I don't have my gun." Leo said, still in shock.

"Leo? Is... Is that YOU!?!" The pirate caption exclaimed! He stepped back and gave a few claps of his hand and laughed. "Unhand them you mutts! This is an old friend of mine!"

The pirates all looked at each other confused and untrusting to this idea, reluctantly they let go of Leo. The pirate Captain was none other than Jonathan Garfield. Back in the day in Green nook Jon was a local mischievous hooligan. Always doing something to break the rules or to case trouble. But what was he doing out of Green nook?

"So look at that! Is that airship up there yours?" Jon asked Leo.

"Yes that's my ship, The Calum Navis."

"Ah so that makes you 'Sky Captain Leo' dose it?"

"That's Captain Sky Captain Leo to you!" They both had a laugh. "But seriously, I am a bounty hunter and you 'scallywag' pirates are worth a few bottles of water so I'm going to have to bring you in."

"Hey now!" Jon said. "We pirates don't say scallywag! That's raciest."

"I'm deeply sorry. Though you are actually going to have to get on my ship."

Jon unsheathed his sword and held the point to Leo's throat.

"And whys that?" He asked.

The ship began to descend quickly loosing altitude.

"I might have accidently cut a hole in your balloon." Leo said.

Captain Jon looked up at his balloon and there was a hole and it was getting larger in size, casing the ship to start to plummet to the ground.

"LEOOOOOOOOO!" Jon screamed.

The Calcum Navis decided to  their level and hovered next to the falling ship.

"Come on!" Leo shouted! "We need to hurry on my ship or your going to crash! Lets go! Hurry! Avast ye Pirates!"

"We don't say that!" Jon shouted as he and his crew manages to run across their ship and jump aboard Leo's.

They all watched the pirate ship crash into the sands. erupting into a large fireball.

"You do realize you owe me a ship." Jon said.

"Your lucking I'm not turning you in." Leo said, adding a "Arrrrr" at the end.

Captain Jon raised his hand and smacked Leo upside the head.