The 3rd Confederate Legion “Quick Foot”

2015-06-26 11:56:51
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The 3rd Confederate Legion “Quick Foot”

This Legion was raised from the standing army in Zelazoburg. They have been marching for the last 4 weeks up the ruined train tracks of Dustermark, until they reached the mill city of Pumpgrad.

The standing army of Zelazoburg is half city guard and half college cadets from the newly renamed Friedrich War College. The College forces are made up of 4 Legions, the “Quick Foot’s” are known for their expert marching skills.

LEADER: Warlord Revere Friedrich

Revere Friedrich was once a lowly count, before his family started up a munitions factory in Roliland. After 4 years of being open the Friedrich Family became one of the richest family in the region, saling most of their munitions to the Empire. Once the Antiford Prush war started a shadowy group of Aristocrats meet Revere and persuaded him to give them much of the money needed to over throw the Empire. For his help he was given the whole of Dustermark.

Class of 1896

Head Master: Dr. Julius Haarmann

1st Phalanx

1st Column

Professor: Philip Rösch

Disciplinarian: Ingolf Leiner

1st of the Class: Alwin Aach

2nd of the Class: Edgar Aach


2nd Column

Professor: Niko Heinemann

Disciplinarian: Edgar Hammerl

1st of the Class: Ronald Junkermann

2nd of the Class: Urs Plessner


3rd Column

Professor: Moritz Rothberg

Disciplinarian: Wolfgang Weingartner

1st of the Class: Benno Wall

2nd of the Class: Bernhart Hornberger


4th  Column

Professor: Lucas Fendler

Disciplinarian: Sandro Wagenseil

1st of the Class: Engelbrecht Kestenbaum

2nd of the Class: Melchior Guttenberg




2nd  Phalanx

1st Column

Professor: Leon Stoiber

Disciplinarian: Matthäus Desch

1st of the Class: Ägidius Schor

2nd of the Class: Ruprecht Rasch


2nd Column

Professor: Volker Fürst

Disciplinarian: Samuel Rühle

1st of the Class: Erhart Auffarth

2nd of the Class: Stanislaus Gruber


3rd Column

Professor: Tillmann Tausch

Disciplinarian: Matthäus Metzger

1st of the Class: Kevin Reich

2nd of the Class: Berndt Musäus


4th  Column

Professor: Martin Baasch

Disciplinarian: Eckard Pfennig

1st of the Class: Erwin Schroth

2nd of the Class: Benjamin Laufer


4th Battery

1st Field gun

Professor: Heinrich Roemheld

Engineer: Markus Baar

1st of the Class: Maximilian Eichhorn

2nd of the Class: Ruprecht Luxenberg

Pupils: 6

2nd Field gun

Professor: Wolfram Cranz

Engineer: Josua Blumenberg

1st of the Class: Sigismund Van Houten

2nd of the Class: Philip Mittermeier

Pupils: 6

3rd  Field gun

Professor: Alex Goldhaber

Engineer: Valentin Wachsmuth

1st of the Class: Ansgar Käutner

2nd of the Class: Niklas Grebel

Pupils: 6

7th Battery

1st Volley gun

Professor: Paulus Schiller

Engineer: Tizian Horstmann

1st of the Class: Norbert Stock

2nd of the Class: Albuin Reinhard

Pupils: 6

2nd Volley gun

Professor: Friedrich Glasser

Engineer: Hanno Sussman

1st of the Class: Eckehard Klebs

2nd of the Class: Achim Ehrlinger

Pupils: 6

3rd Volley gun

Professor: Isaak Kling

Engineer: Karsten Feuchtwanger

1st of the Class: Christof Rosenhain

2nd of the Class: Wenzel Nitzsch

Pupils: 6

Notable people in Army:

The Aach twins, Edgar Aach is the oldest by 10 minutes, but that didn’t stop Alwin from becoming 1st of the class in his column. Both boys are extremely driven always trying to one up each other. Their parents live in the city of Cravinia in Schmtzabia but elected to send their sons to Friedrich War College because of the low enrolment costs.

Head Master Dr. Julius Haarmann, is a stern man who is missing one eye and half of his teeth on one side of his upper jaw, because of this the boys in the school call him “Old rickety” behind his back. He holds a Doctorate in Military Supply theory and Mathematics. He decided to accompany the army to inshore everything is done by the books.    

Professor Volker Fürst is new to the school, he believes that he was given the worst class to teach. Many of the boys in his class plays tricks on him when he’s not looking, one day he found 20 spent shells in his boot. He puts on a stern face to his students but he can remember when we was in school and played the same tricks on his Professor.