Air City Expedition '13

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2013-04-02 07:48:12,
2013-04-10 12:17:34
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Air City Expedition is coming up fast.
The 12th-14th (tax weekend).
We really want to see as many Citizens and fellow steampunks as possible come to support the event and have a good time.
One of the best things about this convention, is that you'll see us putting on a few panels!

Building a Steampunk World - 1pm (13h) Saturday

LucasPhinneus, and Abigail would like to show you the ins-and-outs of creating your own unique steampunk worlds.

Touching on topics of sci-fi, politics, tribalism, and fashion. We'll discuss with you all the building blocks you'll need to consider.

We share our experiences with world-building with you to get you on your way to steampunk glory!

Mad Science 101 - 4pm (16h) Saturday

In this workshop, Phinneus guides you in constructing three pieces of technology used in the nineteenth century. They are the Leyden Jar (the first capacitor), the Voltaic Pile (simple battery developed by Volta), and the electromagnet. There would be a brief explanation on the history and significance of each invention, but most of the time would be devoted to the construction of the devices.

Lolita fashion for the Steampunk-minded - 11am Sunday‚Äč

Abigail has an encore performance of her Lolita fashion and steampunk panel. She'll explore this japanese-based fashion and how it fits in with our gadgety Victorian-styled aesthetics.