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Here's a rundown of the labels currently used on the website and what they mean.

Citizens, please use your own discretion and be diligent about appropriately labeling your content.


This lets your readers know, when you make sections public, that there will be more sections to come before you're done.

This is automatically selected when you create a new story.


Your story involves descriptions of violent acts more than would be suitable for children. This is not for an ordinary level of first fights.


Your story involves mature themes, particularly sexual acts. Please note that we do not currently allow explicit material on the site, a.k.a. a "steamy section".

strong language

Your story includes any non-fictional swear stronger than "damn" or graphic descriptions not suitable for younger readers.

official word

This will be posted on blogs or guides that are authoritative, coming from the Order of the Badger or strongly approved by them.

Only the Order of the Badger can add this label.

major event

This will be posted on story that tell - or blogs meant to describe - events that are important and affect a large or majority group of the characters in the world.

Only the Order of the Badger can add this label.


This will be posted on library items that are deemed "officially true". These stories can be built upon without fear that their details might change.

Only the Order of the Badger can add this label, but you can request it by clicking the "Apply for Canon" button. This puts your story in a list that the Order needs to review. it can't help to remind us every now and then that you'd like us to review it. This begins our conversation together to figure out how to make sure your story works best within the greater canon of the group.


This label is for when you are intentionally writing a story that isn't "true" in our world, perhaps it's a story that people in-world tell each other, or maybe the story is exploring "what if?" ideas.


This label is for stories intentionally written with the limit of under 1000 words and for the challenges - which usually stipulate no more than 500 words - to write them.