The Arbiter Returns

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2020-04-15 10:59:06,
2020-06-17 21:25:14
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Coming Home

“I’ve written this four times already and now I can’t figure out how to get it started,” she grumbled to herself as Serena tapped the quill gently against the table creating little black pools. The weight of what she was trying to convey was a heavy burden to bear.

“Dear Citizens of Gearford…No, that isn’t right. Honored Friends of the Baron…Where did Tiberius get this cursed list anyway? He should be the one writing this wretched thing. Introductions are impossible.”

Serena rolled up the dotted parchment and walked out onto the deck of The Arbiter. The buzz of the engines whipped through her blood-red hair as the massive airship slowly made it’s way home.

“Lady Delgado,” snapped Tiberius to attention, posted right outside the door to the captain’s quarters. “Have you completed your missive? I can send a dispatch immediately.”

“You know these people better than I do,” Serena told him, handing him the mostly blank message. “Why can’t you write it? I simply don’t know what to say. ‘Hi, I’m looking for my younger brother. Have you seen him?’”

“My Lady, this must come from you. With all due respect, if I were to write it, the recipients would be more likely to fear you than support you.”

Serena grumbled and wandered away from the Captain of the Black Sleeves. A small detachment had brought the Delgado airship to transport her back to the family home in Argenstrath. She found a nice section of railing to lean over and stare down at the ground far below.

“Nester, where the hell are you?” she sighed. It had been so long since she’d seen her brother, not since during the revolution. The fact she was still alive was to stay hidden from the technocracy for as long as possible. When Serena heard the news of her brother’s disfiguring accident years ago, she was heartbroken that she could not be there to support him.  Only now, with no one to preside over House Delgado, she had to return to take over the role.

She tore up the parchment and tossed it over the side.

“They’ll know who I am soon enough,” she said to herself and stepped back towards her quarters. Soon the airship would be entering Gearford airspace, and massive breadth of The Arbiter would block out the sun as it passed over. Perhaps a symbol of things to come.