Fall Flash Fiction- Fiction Cleanup

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2017-09-21 06:47:39
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Flash Fiction Cleanup Challenge. Rules are simple: We've enjoyed a full year or more of Flash Fiction Magic on the site. However, many people have worked so hard that they haven't been able to post their hard work here on the website in time. Well, there's nothing to worry about. If you missed a Flash Fiction Challenge, then there's still time for you!

I'm putting an new twist on old challenges so we can better clean them up and flesh out the challenges for the books. You'll have until December to submit as many as you can.

That new twist? The 'theme' for this one is "Tales Passed Down".

It being close to Halloween, and Horror Flash fictions being the closest to having a lot of stories, I figured we could band together to concentrate on that one first. But let's not neglect any of the other Flash Fictions which we can now revisit.

Flash Horror- Creepy and Spooky things happen in Antiford, but some of the most Horror Filled of those are some of the tales passed down from generation to generation of the horrors that lurk in our very world.

Child's Play- Those old wind bags are constantly complaining about the changes in the world. With the tales they pass down, you'd think that back in their day everything truly was better.

Airship Challenge- Airships are relatively new in our world, but pilots of all ages adopted flight eagerly. There might be a few tales some old timers give to the new Airship Captains to talk about how Airships got to where they are.

Prime Minister Flash Challenge- Sure, it's easy to enjoy Discovery Day with a flashy new, charismatic leader. But do people know him from the passed? Or do people remember those who came before him. is he really so different?

Good Technocrat- The Technocracy as a whole hasn't been around very long, but why are they so popular? Could be all the times the Technocratic Salvation Front helped people during the age of the King.

Now, feel free to do as many or as few as you can. You can either write with this new twist or fill out an old Challenge if you missed it before. Remember, the Founders are looking to have a decent number of each kind of story so small collections of the challenges can be made up. Try to use this as an opportunity to write out of your box. Explore a new idea or concept. Try a different writing style. Or just get back into the writing mood!

Ready, Set, GO!