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Lucas M. Buford

President & Founder

The character's profile can be read here.

Started the company with his late wife, Cordelia, in 1890 after their success in the doll market with their product Auto-Marie.

He likes chocolate and tea, dislikes Red Tribe Vibranni, referring to them, as many do, as "demons".

His demeanor is upperclass and flowery with many pleasantries unless stressed or doing serious business.

He is extremely proud of his work on Automatons, as both the fruition of his mentor, Lars', teachings and the only legacy he and his late wife would ever create together. 

He treats his research automatons much like one would their children, and has a strong bond with his coworkers.

Lucas's mentor Lars Attridge was the latest in a long line of mentors that decided to continue a subset of Doctor Andrea Moreau's work on humanoid mechanics. She was responsible for many crimes against humanity, and many, notably the Paorrian Automaton Science League, do not like his work because of this. 

He is a member of the Order of the Badger, which his mentor was a part of. He is frightened by Abigail and finds Phinneus to be antagonistic, but he believes in their cause and is warming up to the group as time goes on.

Suggested Piece

The Death of Monopoly

Lucas faces competition for the first time and builds his most wonderful automaton yet.