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Blinding light and stinging sand
Venturing through a vicious land.
The sun so hot and the sun so bold
The pain almost to much to hold.
It's hard to know who holds your fate
with no water left to satiate.
You may wish and you may pray
For the gods to end the endless day.
But soon the sun begins to set
The anguish that you hoped forget.
Alas, my friend, the night brings cold
and the gods you then begin to scold.
For you, there shall be no rest
Even though you've tried your best.
Then, when the sun rejoins the sky
You fall to the ground and start to cry.
For you know there are survivors few
In the same position as you.
But, then, almost as if a gift
A cloud appears and starts to drift.
Cov'ring the sun to ease your pain
The sky, it then begins to rain.
Against your skin, the water soothes
and your morale, it then improves.
You once again move on your way
Having survived another day.