Svabanii (Blue Tribe) Countries & Tribes




southern Araz

Name Meaning

"The Free"

Cities & Villages

  • Epletika (Capital)
  • Tothell

The blue tribe is located in the coastal and island regions in southern Araz on either side of their purple tribe and Rusticanotae neighbors. This tribe is considered the most well-worldly, well-travelled out of all the Vibranni tribes.

The blue tribe is known for embracing new technology, and are particularly skilled at sea-fairing technologies. They also use foreign techniques in domestic fish farming as well as sea-fairing.

They are the only tribe known to have something akin to a "colony" with their Fentekos island being separated from the mainland. They maintain a friendly relationship with the purple tribe so as to avoid being cut off from travel back-and-forth.

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