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In World

Blaar (blɑ-rʌ)

Tribes of the Kuuvian north-east, such as in the towns of Skogur and Baangusta.

Skogur is a lush town in a forest clearing. Baangusta is on a cliff-face.

Culturally, they are quiet, humble, open-minded and polytheistic.

They worship Ofandyr are their leader and savior, but believe that Ofandyr's only job is to protect and he calls upon lesser gods to control birth, seasons, vegetation, etc.

Their traditions use a lot of blues and greens.

They are the humans most closely related to their Yeti ancestors, having isolated themselves more than their Raou cousins.

Raou (r)

They are the largest tribe and the tradition of the central, northern and north-westestern parts of Kuu. Urbanite Kuuvian religion finds it's roots in these traditions. 

Nuukviaan, Viakaan, Villis (half of Villisveppa) are strongly Raou, and it has cultural influences in Fotur and Fryak. 

There are small, remote outposts about the north that are very Raou.

Nuukviaan known for practicing archaic traditions - rocky, built into the mountains.

Viakaan named after the large Viaak pack that travels in this remote area specifically.

They are monotheistic, beleiving only in Ofandyr. They are highly religious, but practice both modern and archaic religious traditions.

They are often known to be wild, loud, fierce. Red is a very important color in their traditions.

Out of World

The Blar tribe  are more celtic / closer to yeti in culture.

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