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In World


A drought tolerant plant that provides seeds, flour, and oils.

Giant Chalk Dudleya

A succulent that is cold and drought hardy. It's waxy coat has high levels of UV reflectivity and can prevent water evaporation.


A desert dwelling tree that produces edible nuts. It is used by the Vibranni as a food source.

Wild Orange

Not a true orange. The small fruit grows on small trees and is commonly eaten by the Vibranni as well as local fauna.

Desert Lime

Not a true lime. The small fruit grows on small shrubs and has a strong lime flavor. It is commonly collected by the Vibranni and made into pastes and fruit leathers.


True figs, eaten by local animals, Vibranni, and Humans. When humans moved to Araz, the fig was cultivated.

Prickly Pear

A small, sweet fruit grown on a cactus.


A shrub-like cactus with small berries similar to gooseberries.

Whortleberry Cactus

A large, many stemmed cactus with dark, purple berries which are edible.

Apple Cactus

A large, many stemmed cactus with large, red, edible fruit.

Out of World

These are plants that are found in various desert climates around the world that fit into Antiford's ecosystem.

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