Lesser Titanian Forest Cat Flora & Fauna

Native Region


The Lesser Titanian Forest Cat is a small domesticated breed of cat.


Usually an adult male is 8-10 pounds and females are 6-8 pounds. These cats usually are a medium long hair cat and have a beautiful luxurious coat of fur. As their name indicates, the Lesser Titanian Forest cat is the smaller cousin of the much larger Titanian Forest Cat.


These cats are long lived and it’s not uncommon for them to reach 30 years of age.


The Lesser Titanian prefers eating poultry or fish. Perhaps because of the pampered upbringing, the Titanian Forest Cat can often be a picky eater, although when necessity calls for it, they are known to be effective hunters of small birds and rodents.


The Lesser Titanian Forest is a highly social cat. Males of the breed will often take an active role in watching their young. Kittens will usually stay with their mother for at least four weeks before they are weened. Titanian Forest Cats are also known to mate for life.


Lesser Titanian Forest Cats usually have litters of 4-6 kittens and they will usually have one litter per year.


The Lesser Titanian Forest cat is primarily a domesticated breed, however, occasionally they will be bred with their wild cousins. It is thought that this strengthens their blood line.

Additional Background

The Titanian Forest Cat is a much valued cat among the wealthy of Titania. As such, it’s somewhat unusual to find them outside of Titania. Also because of their long fur, they generally do not tolerate the heat of the South very well. An intelligent and resourceful breed of cat, they are often thought to be good luck and as a result Titanian ships will often care Lesser Titanian Forest Cats as part of their crew complement.  Several Yeti folktales also feature sentient, talking Lesser Titanian Forest Cats.


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