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Istoki Desert

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The skuttlekovy is a large arthropod with a dark brown exoskeleton and a thick, hard shell. 

The species exhibits sexual dimorphism with the males being considerably larger.

Female skuttlekovy are between two and four feet in diameter with a tail one to two feet in length and weight sixty to one hundred pounds. Though females can reach five feet in diameter and weigh up to one hundred eighty pounds. Males will generally reach four to six feet in length, weighing around two hundred pounds. However, it is very common for males to reach twelve feet in diameter with a tail five feet long.

The shell is very thick and consists of two layers. There is a hollow space between the two layers that collects heated air during the day and then condenses the air at night. In this way the skuttlekovy can obtain a small amount of water to augment the small amount it gets from its food. 


Skuttlekovy are primarily scavengers and will eat nearly anything, dead or alive. The majority of their diet consists of sand worms that surface at night, when the desert air cools. They are also known to cannibalize each other when one or more enter the territory of another group.


Skuttlekovy live in groups of twenty or more. While most groups have fifty members, groups of more than one hundred have been observed. These groups consist largely of females protected by a large alpha male and two to four large beta males.

Male skuttlekovy are territorial, and fairly aggressive.


The alpha male has a harem of fifteen to twenty five females, who lay eggs in small clutches. The beta males will attempt to fertilize the eggs of the females in the harem, and will occasionally succeed.


Because the skuttlekovy eats a large amount of sandworm, they have become quite toxic. In addition, they are also venomous and have spines on their tails that inject poison.

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Similar to horseshoe crabs, but much larger.


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