Myrkis Flora & Fauna



Myrkis from the amalgamation of the words myrland (meaning “swamp”) and kissen (“cat”).

On Stature

A medium-sized mammal native to Titania; it has long, grey-brown fur (consisting of a cold-resistant undercoat and hydrophobic top coat) with black on its tail and face. They also have webbed toes which allow them to swim easily as they often live in marshlands.

On Diet

The myrkis' diet consists primarily of fish, amphibians, and freshwater mollusks.

On Society

Myrkis live in small groups of four to six. Generally, the group, or band, is made up of one adult male, one adult female, and two to four offspring. Adult males can be quite territorial and have even been known to attack juveniles that wander into their territory. Offspring remain with the family until they are in their second year. They typically live for twelve to fifteen years.

On Procreation

The mating season begins in mid-aderfod and lasts until early oforand, with offspring being born in early Andrad. Usually, the myrkis are born in pairs, but a litter of three or four are not unheard of.

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