Viaak Flora & Fauna

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The viaak is a large land dwelling carnivore and is a species of wolf. It stands, on average, between two and a half and three feet at the shoulder and up to five feet in length. The viaak's fur is a grey with white and black blended in, though some may be darker and other may be wholly white. In Dodar, the fur becomes a bright white to aid in its ability to blend in with the snow.


The viaak primarily hunts deer, shiik, as well as other small animals.


The Viaak is a pack animal, living in groups of between eight and twenty members. In the pack, there is an alpha male and two to five beta males. There are also four to eight females, one of which is an alpha female and competes among the others for the alpha just as the males compete for that state. There may also be as many as twelve young in various stages of youth. Once viaak pair off, they generally remain so for the remainder of their lives. If one dies, the remaining will seek out a new mate.


During late Aderfod, the viaak mate. Each female will have, on average, three to five cubs. Once the young reaches two years, they will either continue living with the pack or branch out and form new packs.

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