Spisse-spyshmus Flora & Fauna



Pronounced "spish-spish".

A shrew-like mammal covered in sharp spines which lives along the edges of the forested areas and in green areas of cities and villages in Titania. Their size can vary anywhere from 14-30 cm and weigh about 0.28-0.61 kilograms. Though their quills are sharp, they are neither barbed, nor poisonous, and provide defense when the spisse-spyshmus rolls into a ball. The quills, unless in a defensive state, are usually camouflaged by thick, fluffy fur that is typically grey-brown, light reddish-brown, or white. The fur on its face and belly area is usually shorter and brown or white. They have small claws and long noses made for burrowing and dull teeth meant for consuming insects. They are largely nocturnal, though it is not uncommon for them to be out during the daytime in months. 

Spisse-spyshmus are not pack animals, and typically live in very small groups or alone. They have poor eyesight, but excellent sense of smell. They are also very timid creatures. Also, because of their abundance and close proximity to civilization, many children – who have coined the now commonplace nickname “spish-spish” for the creature – often make a game of catching them and keeping them as pets, especially in the summer when the babies are old enough to venture out of their underground burrows.

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