Shiik Flora & Fauna

Pronounced (Shik')

On Stature

This is the largest species of rabbit on Orr. It can be found, both domesticated and wild, throughout northern Paorr. They can can grow up to twenty-eight inches in overall length and up to twenty-four inches when sitting upright and weigh up to twenty pounds. Their long ears, which can reach lengths of over a foot by themselves, stand erect. Despite its size, the shiik is roughly proportional and more or less looks similar to other species on Orr. There is little size difference between males and females.

In addition to their long ears, the shiik have small, stunted horns. These small bony masses only protrude an inch above the fur, and in the winter, they are rarely seen. Both genders grow horns, but in males, they are longer and broader. The horns are used for defense as well as combat between females during mating season.

On Diet

Shiik obtain most of their nutrition through eating grass and leaves. In aderfod, after the long dodar, they will eat the newly forming buds and flowers. During dodar, they use their powerful limbs to dig in their burrows to eat the roots of trees and brush.

On Society

Shiik live in small groups of three to twelve individuals, including juveniles. There is usually one to three males, one to three females, and the remainder juveniles. Unlike most other species of rabbit, the shiik are non-territorial and many colonies overlap.

Shiik have also been domesticated and are largely used for meat and fur, though they can be kept as pets. In the wild, they will live for eight to ten years, and in captivity, ten to twelve.

On Procreation

The shiik generally reach maturity after four months and begin breeding in their fifth. They can continue to breed through most of their adult life and typically stop around age eight. They have relatively small litters of between three and five, and usually reproduce twice per year. However, when bred for meat and fur, they will be forced to procreate three times a year. There is no ill effect from the forced breeding, so long as they are properly fed, since the reproduction limits on wild shiik are due to a lack of food during dodar.

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