Ægor Flora & Fauna




Aegor are large birds of prey native to Titania and Manenlande. Their blue-black feathers and red underbelly has earned them the nickname ‘Titanian Swallow’, as they resemble the colors of the barn swallow. Though they are a wild species, Austringers in Titania and Manenlande will capture these birds and train them as a means of hunting small prey.


Aegor have an average wingspan of 2-2.5 m and weigh 10 to 20 lbs. These birds have huge talons and their grip is thought to be about ten times the strength of the average human or yeti grip.


The main food source of the aegor is fish. They also eat other small birds and small land prey such as rabbits, lambs, and rodents.


Aegor are solitary predators, preferring to stay on territory alone or sometimes as a mated pair. These birds are also powerful fliers and can cover a large geographical area. They can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h.


The average clutch is 1 to 3 eggs. The incubation period is around 40 days, after which the eggs will hatch in the order they were laid. Aegor fledge for around 8-10 weeks. Once they learn to fly, young aegor are generally nomadic but will return to the area they were born in order to mate. 

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