Emperor Class Landship Vehicles


Prush Empire




Super Heavy Landship

Hull Type

Double Layer Steel

Length of Hull

10 m


14 m

Height of Hull

12 m

Height Overall

14 - 17 m


350 tonnes

Crew Complement

20 - 30


15 - 18 mph

Secretly developed by the Prushian monarchy before the revolution, these super tanks were the answer to the Prodigious War Stalemate. However, with the high cost, high secrecy, and the sheer amount of time it took to construct, none saw battle before the Prushian Empire tore itself apart in revolution.

Only a handful of the Landships were left in working order before the Prushian Emperor found them by accident and liberated one for his new ship. This was the only Emperor class landship to see combat, and it helped lead the Emperor's forces to victory.

Heavier armor, more guns, more power, and more crew meant this was the next stage of the MK4, but more isn’t always better. Their sheer cost and manpower to operate makes it unlikely this class will be put back into production.


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