MK4 Prushian Armored Landship Vehicles


Prush Empire




Heavy Landship

Hull Type

Single Layer Steel

Length of Hull

7 m


12 m

Height of Hull

7 m

Height Overall

12 - 14 m


200 tonnes

Crew Complement

5 - 9


21 mph

In the days of the old Prushian Empire, these Landships aided the Imperial Forces in patrolling the Empire, crowd control, and protection against combatants. Their entire military nature ensured they were not targets for pirates by doubling as transports.

However, the vast majority of these Landships were destroyed in the Antiford-Prushian Prodigious War. They were costly to maintain and produce, and other, more efficient vehicles and methods, were invested in instead. By the time the war was over, few remained to go against the revolutionaries. The newly established Prush Confederacy saw the MK4 as a symbol of the Monarchy, and didn’t invest in production of many more. All remaining MK4 Land Ships were destroyed in the Prush Reunification War. Some pirates and collectors may still own a working MK4, but mostly their carcasses can be found in the Prush Confederacy’s Badlands.

Their large front wheels provided great power and stability to the Landships and allowed them to drive over many obstacles. They were versatile, often outfitted with a variety of weapons and armaments and able to take on many combatants.


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