Country Liner Vehicles






Heavy Landship

Hull Type

Single Layer Steel (Varied)

Length of Hull

18 m

Height of Hull

11 - 12 m

Height Overall

11.5 - 13 m


400 tonnes

Crew Complement

20 - 23


10 - 43 mph

Using Dreadnaught Wheels these massive ships wander the desert and badlands of Araz. A fairly new invention, these Country Liners take inspiration from the new Ocean Liners and sacrifice maneuverability for speed. Usually moving point to point, these ships can cruise flat lands carrying massive amounts of passengers and cargo.

Developed in 1896, only a handful of these Liners have ever been seen in Antiford and Mercia, however as orders come in from parts of Antiford, the new Prush Empire, Mercia, and even as far as an order placed for the Kantebury Empire in Kwazulite, it’s expected this style of Landship could start becoming popular.

Many known problems with the style is already maneuverability, where making a drastic change in course could force the liner to stop completely. The massive weight of the ship has also been known to get them stuck in dunes farther west of Antiford. In 1897, however, some adjustments to the tracks added cross spikes sticking out horizontally to better distribute the weight on the wheels.

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