Walker Class Land Ship Vehicles







Hull Type


Length of Hull

4 m


4 m

Height of Hull

1.5 m

Height Overall

4 m


1 tonnes

Crew Complement



15 mph

The Walker class land ship is essentially a walking platform with four legs. It was initially developed to serve as mobile observation posts for commanders to be able to view their troops. However, with the creation of the Buzzard class air ship, the Walker has fallen out of favor, though they can still be found patrolling isolated areas. 

Standing approximately twelve feet tall, the Walker easily stands above crowds. Because of this, and the surplus, unused vehicles were given to the police. They are now primarily utilized for crowd control. The platform has a seat beneath it that is armed with a cannon that launches gas canisters or can be outfitted with a small automatic weapon.

Additionally they can be found outfitted with water tanks and hoses. These are used extensively by the fire patrols and can elevate firefighters to second and third stories as well as douse fires on higher levels.

Lastly, they are sometimes used by government officials to make announcements to large crowds of citizens.

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