Steam Tractor Vehicles




1 - 6 mph


Light Tractor


1 person


3 - 8 m

Height Overall

3 - 7 m

Whatever name it goes by, the mighty Steam Tractor has been a staple of steam power in Paorr and then in Araz. Its simple design and great power drastically changed how farming and land transport was handled.

Even after decades of use and improvements, its basic design and function has not changed. Being made of either one or two large steam engines on four durable pedrail wheels. The furnace is right at the back, with all the controls for the engineer. A small coal compartment is also stored in the back, although many long-term use tractors have a coal cart behind them.

After the popularity of railroad steam engines, these tractors were found more on farms, construction sites, and in militaries. The massive pedrail tires mean it’s perfect for uneven, or rough terrain.

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