Steam Ram (Rumbler) Vehicles




20 - 45 mph


1-2 persons


2 - 4 m

Height Overall

2 - 2.5 m

Although fairly new, these contraptions have become a necessity for bandits and gangs running wild in the Western Territories of Antiford and Prush. No one knows where the designed first started, but mechanics inspired by the Steam Bike began modifying farming contraptions into this behemoth of a bike.

It is designed by taking two large heavy duty wheels in the very front, close together, creating a large and intimidating monowheel, with a smaller, normal steambike wheel in the back. The two large wheels provide protection for the rider, but also block view. This designs allows these Steam Rams to ram into potential targets like other steam bikes, landships, or carriages with great force.

Although there’s a lot of raw power and potential for these vehicles, they tend to not have a great deal of fuel storage, and they burn through their fuel quickly traveling at the great speeds they can achieve. This leaves them mostly short ranged, with folks in towns and cities using them for their power and bandits and outlaws in the open using them as an ambush vehicle.

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